The CPA Superhero

I am the CPA Superhero for my clients to help them leap tall business and financial issues in a single bound, achieve their goals, and overcome limiting beliefs. The real value I provide is found inside the conversations with my clients and sharing what I have learned in over 30 years of experience in business.

I prepare income tax returns for my clients including: personal, business, estate and trust tax returns.

I have been building a specialty in helping expatriates, US citizens living outside of the US, with their income taxes. I personally live outside the US and I help clients utilize the income tax provisions available for expatriates.

Whether it is business, personal or expatriate income tax issues I am most useful when contacted prior to taking action so as to properly plan and both avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities. With income taxes it is much better to ask questions first and “shoot” later, after proper preparation.

Income Tax and Financial Planning:

Income Tax Returns

Income Tax and Financial Planning

Regular Review of Business Developments/Results

Discussion of Business and Tax Strategies

Analysis of Capital Asset/Business Acquisitions and Sales

 IRS Notices – Representation



Licensed CPA

Over 13 Years Experience Preparing Income Tax Returns for the Public

MBA in Finance

30 years experience in Finance and Business Analysis

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